About Mimi

Marian (Mimi) Damrauer is an award winning Chicago-based fiber artist. Her textile collages were first influenced by traditional Amish quilts and have evolved into contemporary, graphic fine art pieces for wall decor.

MIMIflowers_butterflyMimi uses her hand-dyed cottons for the majority or her artwork. Fabric purchased on trips all over the world find their way into her work as well. All pieces are hand cut and machine sewn.

Mimi creates bodies of work for corporate and residential interiors and is currently collaborating with Crate & Barrel on a line of rugs in stores now. Mimi Designs also includes a kids line of baby blankets and wall art. You can purchase her work on this website or at her studio by appointment only. She can also be seen at fine art festivals throughout the country.

Artist Statement

MIMImaxI grew up with a very creative mother and sisters and art/cooking projects were always going on at our house. I am "self-taught". My last semester of college in Madison WI, I took fun "art/home ec" classes that I never allowed myself to before and rediscovered my love of creating designs.

When I moved to Chicago, I was a special event planner for night clubs and restaurants and decided to do a few local art fairs to sell my baby blankets and quilts. I never thought I'd be one of "those" artists who do a ton of shows, but now I am!!! I love getting out there and meeting my customer and building relationships, as I have a lot of repeat business.

MIMIWallARTImage1197I am inspired always by looking around me.the sidewalk cracks, the way the old bricks lay out, the lines of a telephone pole in India, the color of the ocean in Costa Rica, the stones on the beach in Italy.

I love what I do.it does not feel like a "job" to me. I really enjoy the whole "business".creating work, selling it, marketing it. I am especially proud that my work is in Crate and Barrel and it is "out there" for the public. I am so happy when creating and I think my work makes people happy when they look at it. The best feeling in the world!!!