AS Batle

AS Batle (graphite pencils) Inspired by his reverence of Nature and informed by his formal studies in Art and Science, San Francisco artist, Angelio Batle has created innovative sculptural writing implements. Natural graphite and smudge resistant compounds are fused in specialized forms under intense pressure. Handcrafted, using new and old world techniques, each piece is meticulously fashioned using the innovative methods that Batle originated. Any part of the pencil writes, while resists staining your hands.

Dickinson Woodworking

We are a family owned and operated business located in Greenfield, IN just 20 miles east of Indianapolis. We started out working from the house garage in 1990, and expanded into our workshop in 2004. Now creative and functional wooden kitchenware is our primary pursuit and joy. We source our wood locally, sometimes milling the wood ourselves from recovered storm damaged trees. We love our local woods and we want to bring the colors and the warmth, depth, and feel of our native woods to your kitchen for you to enjoy as much as we do!

Olive of Chattanooga

All of our balsamic comes from Modena, Italy. Our extra virgin olive oil, flavored olive oil, and truffle oil comes from all over the world including Greece, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Australia, Uruguay & other countries known for superior quality.

While you can purchase most of our oil and balsamic in two different sizes, we are first and foremost a tasting room. We want the “Olive Chattanooga Experience” to be fun for all ages. Bring your family, friends, or special someone to enjoy tasting the 50+ flavors or varietal oil and balsamic that we offer to the public for FREE each day that we are open. Come in and find your favorite or mix flavors to make a unique dressing, marinade, glaze, ice-cream topping, or whatever else you decide you’d like to use it for. Try our extra virgin olive oil or balsamic to create a signature dish that will be sure to impress. That is what we enjoy most about our tasting room ….everyone can be creative and tailor anything specifically to their own liking. With so many different options, there is something for everyone here at Olive Chattanooga.

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Skeem Designs

Fourteen years ago, husband-and-wife team Geoff Weiser and Suji Meswani left their jobs in the corporate world to chase their dream of working together. With backgrounds in graphic design and product development, they put together a plan to launch their own product line, Skeem Design. The couple creates sophisticated products with a focus on design and a mission to eliminate unnecessary packaging. Many of the products have containers that are reusable. Match bottles can be refilled or repurposed to hold a single flower stem. When finished burning, Field Jar candles can be used to showcase a found specimen. Axiom candles become modern whiskey glasses, and Print Block candles are great for holding desk, bathroom, and kitchen items. The designs are inspired by their travels and their collection of old books and ephemera. The soy-based candles and match bottles are handmade in small batches in the USA.

Alchemy Spice

Alchemy Spice Company has been producing artisan spice blends since 2003. Ground weekly from 95% whole ingredients (and free of MSG, anti-caking agents, and fillers), Alchemy spices are an excellent example of how a fresh product equates to a flavorful product. Finding no clean, vivacious blends on the grocery shelves, Jessica and Christian Chevalier opened Alchemy in a 10’ x 10’ corner of a working bakery, then spent weekends traveling a loop of farmers’ markets—Nashville, Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Knoxville—spreading the Alchemy message: with the right spice, healthy and delectable cooking doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Acquired in early 2009 by Warren Stanko, Alchemy maintains the same artisan, small-batch methodology on which it was founded. After the toasting of seeds and berries, Alchemy blends are assembled, ground, and bottled by hand. Alchemy looks forward to expanding its reach with Foodzie, sharing the tastes of Alchemy with new palates and markets.

British Traditions

BT Wood Products started out in 1988 as British Traditions. The initial scope of the company was the manufacturer of antique reproduction furniture. Over the years we replicated furniture and cabinetry by reverse engineering old pieces from clients as well as antique stores and swap meets. It has been our goal to also achieve the aged look and feel of furniture that has never been refinished. We took these techniques to an art form not found anywhere else.

Since successful companies stay successful through growth by diversity, we have followed that formula to a T. Our growth has been achieved through expansion of our product lines to include kitchen and bath cabinets, bookcases, hand carvings and all things wood. From the additions to our knowledgeable sales force, customer service, technology, and the additions of both skilled craftsmen, as well as a policy of continued improvement by training employees and promoting from within, we feel that we have what it takes to be the premier wood shop in the country.

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Greenwich Bay

Since 1962, Greenwich Bay Trading Co. has been formulating and crafting luxurious vegetable soaps and spa essentials enriched with botanical butters, essential oils and natural extracts. From our roots in creating custom products for historic, New England inns, we have grown to offer luxury soaps, spa products and amenities to hospitality and retail businesses throughout the United States and abroad.

We offer a full collection of private-label soaps, spa essentials and guest room amenities to inns, B&Bs and distinctive lodgings searching for luxurious products that, not only pamper their guests, but reflect their unique style. We manufacture private-label soaps and spa products for companies ranging from local shops to national and international brands in the luxe and natural markets. More recently, we created a fresh signature collection of luxurious shea butter soaps and spa essentials for specialty shops, boutiques and spas—introducing new formulations, scents and products that add a little elegance to every day.

All the while, Greenwich Bay Trading Co. has remained a family-owned and operated business. Our in-house team combines traditional methods with leading expertise and craftsmanship, shepherding each product from conception to delivery from our North Carolina soap factory. As a result, we offer products factory-direct at substantial cost savings and with small minimum quantities, making luxury uncommonly affordable.

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La Jaquard Francais

50% Cotton – 50% Linen

Orchid, Fuchsia, Cassis

Pré de Provence

Created from the finest of natural ingredients, Pré de Provence product are meticulously fashioned in Provence by French artisans following traditions established generations ago. We find our inspiration here, where fields of lavender, wild flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables, and the fresh sea air abound. Extreme pride and care is the foundation for everything we create, upholding the quality, artistry and authenticity demanded of products “Made in France”.

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Appalachian Bee

Appalachian Bee has been providing artisan honeys and natural skincare products since 2001.  We only use the finest ingredients in all our products while using good manufacturing practices.

We are located in Ocoee, Tennessee, near the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, in Polk County. Our county is mostly National Forest, and the Ocoee River Rafting that takes place near us is some of the best whitewater rafting in the United States.

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Chattanooga Candle Co.

Chattanooga Candle Co. was started in 2015 by a Chattanooga native. Our company focuses on creating high quality handmade soy candles. We sell more than just candles, we offer our customers an experience that exceeds their expectations. We take pride in our attention to detail and always strive to offer more. We want you to create memories with our candles so that every time you light them you relive happy moments again and again. Thank you for taking the time to visit our page! Please visit our website for our complete product line:

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Hillhouse Naturals

In 1986, Hillhouse Naturals Farm began growing herbs and everlasting flowers on our farm in Kentucky. During the early years we began to make a line of handcrafted gifts such as garlands, wreaths and ornaments inspired by the garden.

Based in Western Ky, the Hillhouse Naturals family business began over 30 years ago as a small home collection sold at local markets. We are proud to say that all of our products are made on the Hillhouse Naturals Farm in Kentucky. Our team of women-who do everything from pouring candles, making potpourri and packing up orders-aren’t just employees, they are family. Most live in the neighborhood and many of them have been with us for years, if not decades. Whenever possible, we also use local and natural ingredients. This lets us both help protect the environment and maintain total control over quality. Take for example our soy wax candles. They not only burn “cleaner” and longer than paraffin wax, they are also made with locally grown soybeans. When we say local, we mean really local, they come from the farm of the owner’s son-n-law. Our informedly initiatives also include boxes manufactured using Wind power, recycled paper and organic soy inks.

Our philosophy remains a simple one: Quality products made with care. Everything from the formulas to the packaging is designed and produced in-house to maintain the absolute quality and beauty Hillhouse is known for.

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Rustico Leather

The KBK Leather Journal is one of our more fun and festive leather journals. The KBK leather journal is Rustico’s only journal that can be found cropping up in vivid colors! It is great for first time ‘writers’. The fun colors also make this leather journal easy to spot among other items and is exclusive to Rusitco. If you wish to personalize your leather journal above and beyond the fun color you select, add a personalized inscription!

Each KBK Leather Journal is 5.75″ by 8.25″ in size and contains 192 lined pages. It comes with a durable stud closure. You can choose from the 5 vibrant color options. Enjoy the quality and uniqueness the leather KBK Journal brings to the world of writing!

You can also customize your KBK Leather Journal. Personalize for yourself or a friend by having a name, or special date laser engraved using Garamond font on the bottom right corner on the front cover!

The Rustic House Candles

The Rustic House Candles specializes in highly scented, natural candles. Thier extensive research and experimentation of raw materials for candle making have led to the creation of the perfectly scented candle. Rustic House Candles’ main goal is to always provide a strong, long lasting, and environmentally friendly candle. Uniting traditional and modern design, they created a classic look that complements virtually any decor. By working with industry’s finest perfumers, they are able to create an exclusive and unique candle line. Each candle is hand poured to ensure the finest quality. Their fragrant candles are the final touch to call your house a home.

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Chic Rustique

Chic Rustique is a small import company based in Middleburg, Virginia. Having always cherished the allure of Paris and the French countryside, we began importing the treasures found during our European travels. We hope you discover the same joy and inspiration in our product line that we are so fortunate to have found.

Hoff & Pepper

Hoff & Pepper is a Chattanooga based business that produces Hoff Sauce, your everyday hot sauce™. Hoff Sauce is the brainchild of Aaron Hoffman – a man obsessed with making hot sauces, chili powders, and other chile goods since 2013. Hoff’s biggest challenge was to create the perfect hot sauce to kick up the flavor of everything from your morning eggs to sandwiches, salads, pizza, burgers, poultry, fish, casseroles, tacos, err….you get the picture. It couldn’t only be spicy, it had to be pleasantly tangy, flavorful, and fresh…elevating your food instead of covering it up. We think he has nailed it so that’s all we sell right now. Why mess with perfection?

Winner of-2016 & 2017 NYC Awards

1st Place Louisiana Hot Sauce 2 years in a Row
2nd Place Best Chipotle Sauce
1st Place best package design

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My Personal Credo

I live and have raised my family in Franklin, Tennessee. In 1988 I received a Master of Architecture degree from Georgia Tech. After getting my fill of historic preservation and designing custom homes, I felt it was time to make a change. I knew it had to be something creative!
One night, I had a unique conversation with my daughters teenage babysitter at a time in her life when she was trying her best to figure herself out. The conversation was all about what it was she truly believed in.
Inspired by that conversation and the innate desire to inspire my own three daughters, I trademarked the i.b.liev’n… logo and began creating credos on small canvases. The art, I feel, is in the creative wording as much as in the colorfully covered layered paper canvases. Collectively, my ‘Credos’ touch an array of human emotions…from funny to hopeful and from encouragement to self-confidence. Their purpose is to be fun and inspiring!
I hope they make you smile…
I believe in and love what I do!

–April Stewart

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Salt Rox

Salt Rox grilling plates for high-temperature cooking – steaks, seafood, veggies even cookies…Salt Shotz – the original salt shot – for flavoring your favorite bev! Serving pieces to wow your guests and flavor your food! Salt Rox – The Flavor of Life! Salt Rox serves the highest quality products!

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Beautiful Briny Salt

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