Wall Art

Aaron Grayum

I am a painter, graphic designer, writer, photographer in Nashville, Tennessee. I own, operate, art direct, make good things happen for Tinymusicbox Design. I have a wonderful wife, who is also a designer / illustrator / cake-topper maker and I also (somehow) have the two best dogs in the world. Last summer I became a dad to my son, Sebastian Jude. Hopefully you were able to find me without too much hassle, and maybe you even enjoyed a thing or two. I am available at any time to paint something for you, design something cool, or even just to hang out.
— Aaron

Carol Weeks

I shoot whatever catches my eye. Color and design are what attract me first, which is why I am drawn to leaves and architecture. Maple leaves are my favorites because of their endless array of colors and their unique shapes. They epitomize autumn for me. Growing up in Charleston, SC introduced me to intriguing architecture. I enjoy creating a sense of nostalgia by capturing natural light on these forms.

Carol Weeks has a B.S. in botany and an M.A. in teaching and has been photographing since 1982. She has worked as a naturalist and is currently employed as a teacher. She prints images from her original slides/digital images and uses only acid-free, archival materials.

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Jacquie Levitt

Jacquie Leavitt is a self-taught mixed media painter specializing in whimsical art. she grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. after attending the University of Tennessee, she moved to Atlanta where she worked in property management. in June 2010, she discovered mixed media painting. she began exploring different techniques in order to find her own style.

She moved back to Chattanooga in 2011 where she began selling her work at local markets. Jacquie has now branched out to art festivals in the southeast, showing in local galleries and teaching at art retreats around us.

in her work, she uses lots of color and texture. her work usually contains an inspirational quote or two as well. much of her work contains several different materials including collage, acrylic, watercolor, oil pastels, soft pastels, ink, markers, graphite, and charcoal. she often prints her own papers to use in her collage work.

Jacquie stays busy painting and raising her six-year-old daughter, Victoria, who also loves to make art.

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Sandy Washburn

Sandra Paynter Washburn is a Chattanooga-based artist and art educator. Her work focuses on contemporary acrylic painting, mixed media, jewelry design, and assemblage.

Tom and Pat Cory

They are perhaps best known for their nature and travel photography, they are also very active sports photographers. They have published three books, Scenic Chattanooga and Beyond, a guide to natural areas within 75 miles of Chattanooga, 7 editions of their popular instructional book, Notes from the Field, and Gently Touch the Earth, a mixture of some of their favorite images and quotations.

Alan Shruptrine

The artist, Alan Shuptrine, has extended his reputation from a renowned water glider to an acknowledged watercolorist. Born the son of a nationally recognized painter, Hubert Shuptrine, Alan has established himself as a watercolor artist in his own right. Recognized by publications such as American Artist Magazine, Watercolor Artist Magazine, and Fine Art Connoisseur, Shuptrine garnered additional recognition for Realism when he was asked to participate in the exhibit, ” In The Tradition of Wyeth: Contemporary Watercolor Masters” at the Vero Beach Museum of Art. Alan’s paintings were displayed alongside works by Andrew Wyeth and those of his father’s. Living on Lookout Mountain, TN, Alan has now decided to paint a Collection of thematic watercolors that capture the heart and soul of the Appalachian Mountain heritage. SImilar to McCrumb, Alan is passionate about dramatic light and shadow, and realistic details and his watercolors have won numerous national awards and have been exhibited across the country.

Dana Shavin

I am originally from Atlanta, but after graduate school (MS clinical psychology, 1986) I moved to the north Georgia mountains where I live with my husband, photographer Daryl Thetford, and our three dogs, Shark, Bella, and Brie.

My art career began in 1993 when I resolved to make some important changes in my life. I left my job as a psychological examiner, quit an eighteen year smoking habit, rekindled a love of painting, and started writing for a local arts and entertainment newspaper. Very quickly I began applying to art shows and submitting essays and columns to literary journals, magazines, and newspapers.

Today I make my living as a full time artist. I sell through galleries, art shows (see show schedule), and do commission work (dog and people portraits). In addition I am a columnist for the Chattanooga Times Free Press newspaper, and my essays have appeared in a variety of magazines and journals including Oxford American, The Sun, Alaska Quarterly Review, Fourth Genre, Third Coast, Skirt Magazine, and other publications (see “The Writing Life”).


Missy Periano

“First and foremost, my objective is to give the viewer a visceral response of delight, pleasure or comfort. Using both life and imagination, I take as my subjects things in life I love and bring me happiness. Many times I revisit a subject several times and reinterpreting it. My process starts with references in words and drawings to darker feelings and images. Then, I cover them using my palette knife and paint occasionally adding carvings, pastels and glazes. Applying layers over those images, the subject emerges. By the end of the layering, I hope I’ve created a relationship between the subject and the background using the color and texture. In some of the paintings, I’ve symbolically covered all of the references; in others some are still visible. The resulting painting represents the journey from sad to happy, anger to joy, dark to light. ”

Shelly Stephens

Shelly Stephens creates one-of-a-kind wall art.

Tres Taylor

Tres Taylor was a biochemist for over 20 years. After visiting RA Miller in 1998, a Georgia folk artist, Tres believes a “paintbrush fell from the sky”. He paints about spiritual seeking, about love, Divine Love, peace, and joy. His subjects are usually monks, couples, and houses, but always the subjects are symbols of love. Tres’ medium is usually house paints and acrylics on roofing paper with putty, which enables him to draw freely, carving strong black lines.

Taylor has exhibited in Japan, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida, and Pennsylvania. He resides in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife and two stepchildren.

Ann Currey

Ann’s preferred medium is oil and she always enjoys experimenting with color. As her work evolves she continues to explore different subject matter while maintaining the perspective that invites viewers into her mind’s eye.

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David Cartlidge

David R. Cartlidge, an expert on the early Christian apocrypha and its impact on art, is the Beeson Professor Emeritus of Religion at Maryville College in Tennessee. He wrote, with Keith Elliott, Art and the Christian Apocrypha (Routledge, 2001).

He is also a talented photographer specializing in images of nature.

My Personal Credo

I live and have raised my family in Franklin, Tennessee. In 1988 I received a Master of Architecture degree from Georgia Tech. After getting my fill of historic preservation and designing custom homes, I felt it was time to make a change. I knew it had to be something creative!
One night, I had a unique conversation with my daughters teenage babysitter at a time in her life when she was trying her best to figure herself out. The conversation was all about what it was she truly believed in.
Inspired by that conversation and the innate desire to inspire my own three daughters, I trademarked the i.b.liev’n… logo and began creating credos on small canvases. The art, I feel, is in the creative wording as much as in the colorfully covered layered paper canvases. Collectively, my ‘Credos’ touch an array of human emotions…from funny to hopeful and from encouragement to self-confidence. Their purpose is to be fun and inspiring!
I hope they make you smile…
I believe in and love what I do!
–April Stewart

Story People

We’re a diverse group of people, artists, activists, healers, tinkerers. We talk, we laugh, we eat great food & drink great wine, sometimes we disagree (passionately) & sometimes we agree (equally passionately) & it’s all part of the same gift of being alive together. Our wish is that other people experience this amazing world we live in as a world of imagination & possibility & healing. We believe our stories do that. (& that’s not just StoryPeople stories, but all our stories…) We believe (fiercely) in the power of stories, not because they’re our stories, but because it is valuable & right to protect the precious connections between people.

That’s who we are. We forget at times (isn’t it amazing how life sneaks up & steals your memory of who you want to be?), but mainly, we remember. It’s a future we’re creating together, every day, with each other & with each one of you. (Hopefully, you’re in a warmer place than we are…)

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Vikki Bible

Vikki Oglesby Bible was born in the rural Alabama town of Toxey. As early as she can remember Vikki was in the studio painting and observing while her mother created still-life paintings. When Vikki was six years old her mother died of pancreatic cancer and she began to use art as a means of healing.

Vikki graduated from New York University in 1995 with a Masters of Art. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Southeast Asia and South America. These travels have influenced her art tremendously.

Her paintings and drawings are scattered in private collections all over the country and are in the collections of Emeril Laggase, Lisa Firestone, Paola Peroni and Gwen Stefani to name a few.

Vikki currently has a studio in Lookout Mountain, TN where she lives with her husband, Allen and sons, Marshall and Owen along with their dogs, Hudley and Clara D.

Art by Susan Hood

Is a family owned and operated company creating unique, hand-crafted art on canvas and wood, It started out as a hobby for her and her husband, Randy; with the occasional help from their sons, Alex and Brandon. She can most always be found painting at the kitchen tables and Randy in the garage building the wooden products. Susan’s medium of choice is acrylic. Her original technique is achieved by layers upon layers of texturizers and paint. Susan finds inspiration in her everyday life and her subject matter includes churches, angels, and crosses, just to name a few. Art by Susan Hood continues to grow. Please be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Ginger Leigh Designs

My name is Ginger but I was born Virginia Leigh and I’ve always been called Ginger. I am proud to say I was born in New Orleans and while I’ve lived in several amazing places, New Orleans will always be my home and have my heart. It is what founded the core of my soul and spirit & gave me a true appreciation for all things old and with a history – no matter the kind.

I graduated from University of Colorado with a pre-med degree; however, I have always been surrounded by artistic people and I developed a true appreciation and talent for combining colors, textures and styles. I have explored numerous artistic mediums, tools, theories, subjects and business endeavors. Then, in true Southern style….I coined my business, “Ginger Leigh Designs”, 12 years ago. Since then I have piloted a stationery company, a retail storefront and a licensing company always selling my artistic designs. I conversed with the good Lord that I was willing to work hard and be a catalyst, to use me and give me a mission to touch people with His message and my art in all of their times of need….for comfort, for joy, for faith and for love. And, here I am……with a blossoming wholesale business.

Robin Anne Cooper

Robin Ann Cooper choose to build her studios nestled in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains on the historic DuBose family farm in Walhalla, SC. Where for many generations the DuBoses have lived and prospered. The studios themselves reflect the art and are combination of the old and new, modern and antique, bizarre and ordinary but are definitely not predictable. You need to see it for yourself, but call first as the hours are sporadic at best.

Robin and her husband, Stan live right next door to the studios where they are raising her teenage son, two dogs, wonderfully weird cat and Stans crazy little mutt. They are well supervised supported by all the loving family that lives near by. Stan was raised on the farm and Robin was raised as a city slicker in Clemson, SC. Barely a stones throw away. These award winning South Carolina artists welcome guests quarterly(see show schedule) and by appointment.

Studio Be

Inspired by flowers and love, Cindy Wunsch creates unique pieces inspired by flowers, love, and life. She finds that the most romantic of life’s moments can be found in the ordinary.

Betsy Rice

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