Alchemy Spice Company has been producing artisan spice blends since 2003. Ground weekly from 95% whole ingredients (and free of MSG, anti-caking agents, and fillers), Alchemy spices are an excellent example of how a fresh product equates to a flavorful product. Finding no clean, vivacious blends on the grocery shelves, Jessica and Christian Chevalier opened Alchemy in a 10’ x 10’ corner of a working bakery, then spent weekends traveling a loop of farmers’ markets—Nashville, Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Knoxville—spreading the Alchemy message: with the right spice, healthy and delectable cooking doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Acquired in early 2009 by Warren Stanko, Alchemy maintains the same artisan, small-batch methodology on which it was founded. After the toasting of seeds and berries, Alchemy blends are assembled, ground, and bottled by hand. Alchemy looks forward to expanding its reach with Foodzie, sharing the tastes of Alchemy with new palates and markets.