Umbraabout-candle-imageUmbra Essence candles are individually hand crafted in Chattanooga, Tennessee by Jamie Floyd Mosey.  Each candle is made one at a time combining the highest quality fragrance oils and highly refined clean-burning paraffin wax.  Umbra Essence candles are exceptional, offering intense long lasting fragrance and richly textured multi layered colors making each candle an object of beauty all its own.  Some fragrances are layered together within a single candle, releasing a totally unique aroma that blends and changes as the candle burns.  Others simply burn sweet with citrus essence, warm with spiced essence, or cleansing with lemongrass essence.  Whether you choose a set of votives, or a collection of pillars, you are sure to enjoy the rich designs and lush fragrances of Umbra Essence products.


Jamie's history of candle making, aromatherapy and experimentation has resulted in a truly unique product; superior quality candles that look as wonderful as they smell.  Jamie has been making candles since childhood giving them as gifts to friends and loved ones.  As a young girl, the simple act of taking everyday items such as broken crayons, and melting them on the stovetop to become something completely new, fascinated and inspired Jamie.  Her passion for creating stayed with her as an adult and she continued to make candles in her home.  An artist suggested she sell them to the public and in 2002 Umbra Essence was born.  With such a unique product Jamie quickly outgrew her home studio as her retail and wholesale customer base expanded.  Today her studio and shop are located in the heart of the St. Elmo Historic District at the foot of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

UmbraBlueBut Jamie doesn't just create candles.  In every candle she pours in a deeply sincere feeling that we should all share our light with the world.  Umbra Essence is the essence of our deepest selves where this light originates.  In Greek and Roman times "Umbra" was considered the soul.  "It is our soul, our essence, our own light within that is the greatest gift we can share with one another.   When we give of ourselves, we lighten the lives of the ones we love, just as a candle flame gives warmth and light, and can calm and soothe us," says Jamie.  Like our own light within, the simple act of burning a candle illuminates the darkness and all around us.

Candle light reminds Jamie of our biological connection with our ancestry.  "I believe harnessing fire was one of the most important discoveries made by our species.  Candles in different forms have been in our use for thousands of years for light and spiritual purposes.  A single flame can instinctually bring us back to a simpler and less chaotic time in the world. "

UmbraCandlesUmbra Essence candles make wonderfully thoughtful gifts that can create a bond between the giver and recipient.  Giving this truly original gift of light can become an unspoken gesture that extends wishes of serenity and renewal.  This is why Umbra Essence is much more than a business endeavor for Jamie.  "The most rewarding part of what I do is thinking about the thousands of candles I've created, all the homes or spaces they are in and the light and comfort they give to so many. "