BritishTraditionsTableBritish Traditions is a manufacturer of authentic European country repoduction furniture.

Our market niche is making new furniture that looks genuinely antique and offering it at very reasonable price points. That coupled with an emphasis on design and an attention to detail sets us apart from our competition. Our London Library cabinet, a top seller, requires nearly 150 individually-applied pieces of moulding. Sturdy mortise-and-tenon construction and dovetailed drawers are standard; tables feature handsomely designed and detailed turnings. The company also offers more than 20 standard finishes, ranging from a hand-applied, traditional English wax finish through painted and distressed alternatives to the currently popular "crackles", to "faux" finishes requiring as many as a dozen separate applications. British Traditions has been uniquely successful in combining the best the past has to offer with a modern production approach to meet the needs and desires of today's furniture buyer.