While a candidate for a degree in architecture, I satisfied an elective requirement in my curriculum by signing up for a ceramics class.  It seemed like a good and creative change of pace.  My nonchalance lasted only until I saw a pot being "thrown" on the potter's wheel.  It was MAGIC!  I was hooked!

My architectural training and years of professional practice strongly influence my design decisions for the ceramic pieces I make.  My forms are generated from designs evolving from functions.  Pots have purpose - they are to be used.  I work with the hope that in the process of use my ceramic pieces will enrich not only those who use them, but also the purpose for which they are designed.

For nearly thirty years the Anthony Stoneware Gallery Collection of functional ceramic designs has been presented in the finest craft galleries and shops throughout the United States.

Periodically "new" designs are added to a growing group of "classic" works.  Some items such as the "Chicken Cooker" have been in the collection so long that they have become signature pieces.

I have moved a "mountain" of clay since I saw that first pot.

It's still MAGIC!   Do you see it?