ecosource Home & Garden is excited to introduce an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic gardening containers. These all-natural rice hull pots are perfect for any home or garden since they:
  • EcoPotsgreenpots-largerare made from rice hulls, a natural by-product of renewable and sustainable crops
  • contain no harmful chemical or petroleum ingredients
  • deplete no natural resources
  • naturally breakdown to easily decompose in landfills or into the earth
  • can even be composted to complete the circle of life and re-nourish the earth

greenPots come in a variety of shapes and sizes with colors to complement any décor. Retailers can choose decorative options for home and garden re-sale. 

Strong, durable and lightweight, these eco pots are ideal for plants that need to be moved often, and last five years under average conditions. Even when exposed to constant high humidity, the water resistant surface will remain clean and smooth.

Styles / Colors

greenPots sizes range from 3” to 12” diameter in styles to suit any taste. Click here to view our most recent catalog.

We have a beautiful range of earth tones as well as some eye catching bright, fashion colors to liven up your displays.  This wide range allows retailers to change up periodically, keeping merchandising fresh.