krumholtsearring4Amy Brett Krumholz
Huntingdon Valley, PA

I tend to see the world through an artist’s lens.  I am inspired by a love of color, geometry, flowers and architecture, seeing forms & patterns in everything from an urban train platform, a row of plums at the farmer's market, or a rusty truck ambling down the highway, to a collection of Medieval Armor at a Museum.

 My jewelry is the result of an intricate process that etches metal with these patterns and how they interact in space. The pieces become like parts of a puzzle & are fabricated in gold, sterling & milled brass. Riveting, soldering, fusion & moveable parts often contribute to the kinesthetic quality.  Precious and semi-precious stones add liquid-like highlights.

 I love that moment when the images that have been dancing around in my head are finally translated into an actual piece. The whole process of working with raw materials and finally realizing that image never loses its magic.

 Although contemporary, my work is often reminiscent of another place and time.