SaundraPeaceNecklaceDuring the final summer of the Twentieth Century, following a succesful singing career in New York and a six year interlude as an executive for Eileen Fisher, Saundra Messinger began designing jewelry.  Saundra's work has been widely recognized by the jewelry and fashion industry for its unique and cutting edge design.  She was chosen as one of ten "2009 Designers of Distinction" by the Silver Institute, as one of ten "New Designers of the Year" by The Jewelry Design Guild of America and as a "Rising Star" by The Fashion Group International. Saundra's jewelry has been photographed and shown on approximately 20 editorial pages of Vogue, including November, 2007, cover.  Her jewelry has also appeared numerous times in In Style and Lucky and in trade publications, such as Women's Wear Daily, Rapaport, Diamond Report, JQ and JCK.  Her career as a jewelry designer has been featured in newspapers across the country, televistion's Extra and a "She's Got Style" story in More magazine.

Without a doubt, Saundra says the most important and exciting part of being a jewelry designer occurs every time she sees women wearing her jewelry.

Saundra designs three major sterling silver collections a year.  Each season's designs are based on organic interpretations of geometric shapes.  There are circles, squares, ovals, rectangles and variations on those themes - all with uneven surfaces that resemble textures found in nature or created by a force of nature.  Saundra, as well as many of the women who where her jewelry, say there is a peaceful quality about it and it is comfortable to wear "because it isn't perfect, the way we aren't perfect.  It feels like it is part of you."

In addition to sterling silver, Saundra translates selected styles into 14k white, green and rose gold, or a combination of mixed metals.  Although Saundra loves the sparkling, tiny faceted white diamonds she sprinkles on the silver, she also uses diamonds and colored gemstones in natural, often raw, shapes and forms and in undyed colors, to add another dimention to her work.  A percentageof the sterling silver used to create the collections is recycled.  The diamonds and other gemstones are purchased directly from suppliers with a social conscience.

Each piece of Saundra Messinger is sold with a tarnish-preventing logo pouch and instructions for cleaning the jewelry.