SterlingJulesAfter 3 years as a ceramics major, Julie Shumaker took her first metalsmithing class and was hooked on the idea of taking something as solid and permanent as metal and transforming it into personal wearable art. Jule's sterling jewelry combines traditional hand fabricating methods with contemporary and organic design elements. She strives to make pieces that are soft, earthy, comfortable, and well made; something not to be saved for "special", but worn daily to bring personal pleasure to the wearer as often as possible!

Julie hand crafts each piece of jewelry with sheet and wire sterling silver. She solders, melts, hand engraves, hammers, twists, and finally, applies an antiquing patina and scrubs the jewelry with wire brushes to give the metal a soft "worn" feel. The jewelry is finished by embellishing with freshwater pearls, antique beads, recycled glass, petrified wood, precious and semi-precious stones.

Since graduating in 1994 from Montana State with a BA in Fine Arts, Julie Shumaker has been creating jewelry in her studio in the small town of Manhattan, Montana (the "Little Apple"), where she happily resides with her husband, children and dogs.