Michael Obranovich stoneware pottery is fired in a gas kiln to 2400 degrees f. His glazes are made with ashes from burnt grapevine cuttings from Napa Valley Kali Morgan and Arc vineyards of Hundred Acre Winery, and used in combination with other non-toxic food safe glazes.


Obranovich Handmade Stoneware is microwave,oven and dishwasher safe. All glazes are food safe non-toxic. Due to the high temperature of Obranovich Stoneware, All Pieces Are FOR OVEN USE ONLY! THEY ARE NOT TO BE USED DIRECTLY ON STOVETOP ELEMENTS-- GAS OR ELECTRIC ! Pieces shold be placed in a cool oven and brought up to temperature.


Obranovich Stoneware Pottery Serving Pieces retain heat for serving from the oven due to the heat retention of the stoneware clay. Pieces used for serving may be heated with hot water fron the sink, or heated in a warm oven then placing food on the warm pieces. If warm food is placed on a cool ceramic piece, the heat will be drawn out of the food as the ceramic piece is a conductor.


Obranovich Stoneware Pottery also designs handthrown Sinks, Lamp bases, and one of a kind Art Pieces, some in combination with mixed-media basket type handles done by Claudia Obranovich.