MinkleryellowMugThanks for your interest in my work! My name is John Minkler and I've been making pottery for about thirteen years, starting in high school in St. Louis where I grew up.  Since then, I've studied at University of Colorado where in 1998 I received a B.F.A. in Ceramics and a B.A. in Art History.

While at CU I developed a deep interest and love for making and firing stoneware pots and became influenced by historic Japanese and Chinese pottery as well as contemporary American and European work.  After graduatiing, I worked as a production potter for four years honing my own skills.

All of my own work is made on the potter's wheel, but many shapes are altered or cut to create ovals, rectangles and squares.  I enjoy the challenge of making objects that are not round yet still reflect the use of the wheel.  Once the shapes are created great care is taken in adding handles, lids and spouts.  I feel that these details are extremely important to the quality of the finished piece.

Most of the glazes I use have a matt surface which adds warmth to the piece.  In addition to clean glaze lines, I also like using the reaction of one glaze over another to create a third glaze.  These colors are further enhanced by the use of "reduction" or limiting of oxygen in the kiln, giving the clay and glaze a certain depth and richness.

Philisophically it is important to me that the work in some way reflects the process that certain aspects are not too cleaned up or labored over.  A handle that is not smoothed into a pot or a fingerprint left in the glaze can give clues to the process as well as give the work an unsullied feeling.

I find the objects that we use everyday are sometimes taken for granted, so it is a focus of mine to make pottery that is as visually interesting as it is practiced in use.  In this spirit, I've created functional ware that brings life to an otherwise ordinary situation.  So eat, drink and enjoy!