SkyrosCantariaFrom the owners:

"I cannot believe that it has been 8 years since the first journey to Portugal.  We went in search of ceramic factories that would allow us to develop and produce the quality of products that Skyros had become known for.  We instantly knew that Portugal was our new home!  Portugal is a country where the ceramic industry continues to strive to manufacture some of the finest ceramics in the world.  The skilled artisans take great pride in their work and go to great lengths to assure that we are offering our customers the highest quality available.  The warm, friendly and gracious Portuguese are delighted to share their beautiful country and exquisite food.  Their rich heritage, culture and strong family values are reflected in their lifestyle and traditions.  Portuguese family life centers around cooking, eating and sharing.  They always sit down with the family, gathered around a table laden with traditional Portuguese dishes.

In addition to our ceramics from Portugal we are delighted to introduce beautiful lacquer placemats from Vietnam and a fabulous line of napkin rings made of semiprecious stones and mother of pearl.  We think you will love them!

Skyros Designs is owned and operated by women who share a passion for life, laughter, love and hard work.  Our enthusiastic customers instill in us a drive to search for and develop unique collections and designs.  We offer beauty and function in all of our items for your table and home.  We are committed to quality and strive to offer the best customer service available in our industry."