Welcome Chattanooga Candle Company to Plum Nelly!

chattanoogacandlesummerjars2Offering a fabulous array of scents, we welcome Chattanooga Candle Co. to Plum Nelly. It was started in 2015 by Stefanie, a Chattanooga, TN native who has lived here all her life. Candles were something she would seek out whenever she traveled to a new place and got excited about discovering new candles and always bought scents that were interesting and unique that smelled amazing.

The name Chattanooga Candle Company came from growing up in the South. Even if you have never been to the South or Chattanooga, anyone can relate to the feeling of “home” and what “home” feels like to them. That feeling is exactly what she wants her  candles to provide. Home to her is Chattanooga, so she decided to use it as her company’s name.

The fresh scents of the South inspire her scent selections. She offers a clean alternative to big box store candles because she uses natural soy wax for all of her products. The wicks are pure cotton and all natural, environmentally friendly wood wicks. The fragrances do not contain harmful chemicals. The guidelines that companies must follow when manufacturing fragrance oils are strictly followed by her suppliers. She uses high quality, American made supplies to keep her candles as natural and safe as possible. Supporting small American owned businesses is very important to her. She actually purchase most of her supplies from North Georgia and Tennessee!  A lot of research and testing goes into the supplies she uses to make her candles. She wants you to feel good knowing you are burning a clean, safe candle in your home.

Since each candle is handmade no two will be exactly the same and some will contain slight imperfections. Candle making is an art, not an exact science. That is what is so unique and beautiful about handmade products!

So, stop in and check out our new selection of scents by Chattanooga Candle Company! Thanks for shopping local!